Renewable Energy

With a determined focus on revolutionizing sustainable energy production, our dedication is manifested in the meticulous planning of biometane plant construction, scheduled to commence in the summer of 2024 in Gran Canaria, and subsequently in three other islands (Tenerife, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura).
These installations transform a variety of organic waste, including waste from hotels, supermarkets, pruning, and organic matter, into high-quality biogas and biomethane, thus fostering a cleaner and renewable energy matrix in the region.

A Circular Model

A crucial milestone in combating climate
change in the Canary Islands.

Our plants play a key role

in decarbonizing various industries.

Additionally, they significantly contribute

to fostering regional energy self-sufficiency,

consolidating our position as leaders in

promoting proximity economy and

creating local employment in the

Canary Islands.

Comprehensive Waste

At ATH Bioenergy, we commit to addressing comprehensively the critical challenge of organic waste management in the Canary Islands. Beyond our mission to generate clean and sustainable energy, we aim to offer a definitive solution that transforms waste into valuable energy resources derived from biogas.

Vision and Commitment

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Our vision embraces the idea

that waste management should not be

merely a disposal task but an opportunity

to create a positive impact on

the environment and the community.

We aim to be agents of change,

transforming waste management

challenges into meaningful opportunities.

Diversity of Waste,
Diversity of Solutions:
From waste generated by hotels and supermarkets to pruning waste and organic matter, we address a diversity of waste sources. Our biometanization technology allows us to convert these materials into valuable energy resources derived from biogas. This transformation not only eliminates the environmental burden of waste but also creates a sustainable and renewable source of energy.


As an essential part of our strategy, fertilizer production emerges as a key component in our comprehensive approach to sustainable waste management. We leverage our capacity to transform organic waste, such as waste from hotels, supermarkets, pruning, and organic matter, into quality fertilizers, thus establishing a circular economy cycle.
This initiative not only represents an effective solution to the critical problem of waste management but also has a direct impact on local agriculture. We actively collaborate with local farmers, offering them fertilizers that enhance soil health and, consequently, improve agricultural productivity.

Empowering Sustainable Agriculture

A more prosperous and environmentally
respectful future.

Through this initiative, ATH Bioenergy

positions itself as a key player in

driving sustainable agriculture in

the Canary Islands, redefining

standards in waste management and

offering solutions that transform

critical problems into opportunities

for the region.


In the scientific and pharmaceutical fields, the CO2 produced in our Tenerife facilities stands out as a crucial resource. Its purity and quality make it a high-value option for applications such as animal cell cultures, essential in biomedical research and pharmaceutical production. We collaborate closely with scientific and pharmaceutical institutions to provide a constant and sustainable supply of CO2, thus contributing to the advancement of research and the development of cutting-edge products.

More Efficient and Sustainable Crops

Sustainable Production for
Various Applications

In line with our commitment to sustainability,

CO2 becomes a key component in

advanced agricultural practices.

By introducing CO2 into controlled

environments, such as greenhouses,

crop growth and quality are significantly

improved. This technique, known as CO2

enrichment, not only favors food production

but also supports more efficient and

sustainable agricultural practices.

Industry Solutions
Furthermore, in the industrial field, CO2 is essential for welding processes, refrigeration, as well as in brewing and carbonated beverage industries, etc. ATH Bioenergy, as a reliable provider of high-quality CO2, supports these crucial industrial applications, promoting safe and sustainable practices across various sectors.