At ATH Bioenergy, our mission to lead
the sustainable revolution in the Canary Islands
is intrinsically linked to an unwavering commitment
to regulatory compliance in all aspects of
our operations.

Commitment to
Regulatory Compliance

We recognize the importance of adhering
to the highest ethical, operational, and
legal standards, and we have established
rigorous compliance protocols to ensure
transparency and accountability at
every stage of our process.
Responsible Waste Management
We are committed to complying with and exceeding local and international regulations in waste management. Our practices align with environmental regulations, ensuring proper waste disposal and promoting the reduction of ecological footprint. Furthermore, our focus on the circular economy supports compliance with policies that promote sustainability and efficiency in resource management.
Sustainable Energy Production
In the construction and operation of our biometane plants, we are committed to complying with current energy and environmental regulations. We ensure that our facilities meet emissions standards, thereby contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases and the decarbonization of various industries. Transparency in our processes is key to maintaining integrity and respect for the environment.
Social Responsibility
Our commitment to regulatory compliance extends beyond technical operations. We promote an ethical and safe work environment, complying with labor laws and respecting the rights of our employees. We encourage diversity, equality, and inclusion in all facets of our business, contributing to a more equitable and just society.

At ATH Bioenergy, we are committed to good practices as a fundamental part of our ethical code and our vision of sustainability and leadership in the sector.

We are committed to continuously evolving, ensuring that our operations meet the highest standards and positively contribute to the communities and environment in which we operate.